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Mrs. Saenzie's Class

Our preschool programs for 3-year-olds nurture independence, educational growth, and making friends. Students will be introduced to understanding print and letter/sound associations. Your child will spend the day in both individual and group preschool curriculum time. Classes will implement developmentally appropriate learning centers, circle time, instructional time, one-on-one time with teachers and story time. Now that your child has reached the preschool age, we place a greater emphasis on language development, literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, creative arts, emotional development, physical health, and safety.


A little about me:

Hello my name is Gloria Saenz known as “Saenzie”.

I have been in childcare for 43 years and been at FPS since 1988. Teaching children is such a joy to me. I love to see how children fall into their new routine. I feel blessed to have and still teach children today. It brings me such joy and happiness. 

Mrs. Gloria Saenz
Lead Teacher
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