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Food Menu

AM & PM snacks are served daily. Lunch is served Monday through Thursday. If you provide your child’s meals and/or snacks from home you must fill out a Special Diet Form, which is located at the FPS office. By doing so, FPS is not responsible for its nutritional value or for meeting your child’s daily food needs. All food allergies must be documented with a doctor’s note BEFORE FPS can withhold food items from a student’s lunch or snacks as provided by FPS. This includes any milk substitutes or any special diets preferred/required by a parent for their child while at FPS. On Fridays or any day that falls before a FPS closure/holiday, your child must bring a sack lunch that does not need to be refrigerated or heated in the microwave. If FPS must provide a sack lunch for your child on a Friday, the cost will be $5 and will be billed to your account. All lunch fees must be taken care of within 5 school days unless automatic debit arrangements have been made in the tuition agreement form. Additional lunches will not be provided until outstanding lunch fees have been paid. In such instances, parents will be contacted to provide a lunch. FPS IS NO LONGER A PEANUT FREE SCHOOL! Special Diet Forms are required for ALL food allergies and can be filled out at the FPS office. These forms are required by the TDFPS and MUST be completed on or before the start of each program (summer or fall) your child is enrolled in. All special diets or food restrictions for medical purposes MUST have documentation and specific instructions from a medical professional.

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