Preschool 2: Noah's Neighborhood
This is the year of beginning to grow independence, learn manners, socializing with friends and potty training. Your child will spend his/her days involved in both group and individual play and curriculum time which will implement developmentally appropriate learning centers, circle time, instructional time, one on one time with teachers, and story time. Each classroom will have its own schedule. The teachers will provide each parent with a daily schedule of how your child will spend his/her day. Children are lovingly encouraged and taught how to use the potty, but are also diapered on an as needed basis. We understand that learning how to go potty is a developmental stage in a child's life.
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Jun 25
THEME: Reptiles
LETTER: Qq, Rr, & Ss
COLOR: Red & Blue
NUMBER: 12 & 13
SHAPE: Diamond
Jun 26
Worksheet: Look for # 12
S is for Snake
Jun 27
Writing: Practice Tracing 12 & 13
Jun 28
Practice Tacing Shapes
Jun 29
Worksheet: Color the "R" Fish
Art: Frog Handprint
Jun 30
SPLASH DAY: 9:00-9:30
Sack Lunch Day
Jul 1
AM SNACK: Strawberry Yogurt
LUNCH: Baked Fish, Mac & Cheese, Broccoli and Pears
PM SNACK: Watermelon
LUNCH: Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich, Sun Chips, Crinkle Carrots w/ Ranch and Apple Slices
AM SNACK: Life Cereal
PM SNACK: Graham Crackers w/ Raisins
AM SNACK: Turkey Sausage Biscuts
LUNCH: Cheesy Scallop Potatoes w/ Ham Pieces, Peas and Pears
PM SNACK: Vanilla Ice Cream
AM SNACK: Raisin Bran Cereal
LUNCH: Pepperoni Pizza, Salad w/ Ranch and Peaches
PM SNACK: Brownies
AM SNACK: French Toast w/Syrup
PM SNACK: Popsicles