Kindergarten 4 - 5: Kinder Rangers
This program is typically provided for the child who turns 5 right after the school year begins (September 1st). FPS recommends that students in this program have completed a pre-k program here at FPS or at another day school. It is our desire to provide our students with a true a kindergarten school experience. Your child will spend their morning (8:00AM-12:30PM) involved in structured curriculum taught by a certified kindergarten teacher. Student attendance in this class is crucial and will provide your child with the routine schedule he or she will need when moving to "Big Kid School". This program will focus on mastering language development, literacy, reading, mathematics, science, social studies, creative arts, social and emotional development, and physical health and safety. This is a wonderful class to transition your child into a public or private school kindergarten. As part of the extended kindergarten program (12:30PM-6:00PM) the students will also have the opportunity to learn through well planned learning centers that allow for child choice and self-directed play, small groups and supportive teaching designed to ensure academic success.
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AM SNACK: Fruity Cheerios
LUNCH: Fish Sticks, Mac & Cheese, Cooked Carrots & Pears
PM SNACK: Apple Slices w/Peanut Butter
AM SNACK: Blueberry Muffins
LUNCH: Hamburger Meat w/Egg Noodles, Green Beans & Mandarin Oranges
PM SNACK: White Cheddar Cheetos & Sliced Pickles
AM SNACK: Waffles w/ Fozen Strawberries
LUNCH: Chicken-Rice-Broccoli Casserole, Crackers & Pears
PM SNACK: Vanilla Ice Cream
AM SNACK: Biscuit w/ Grape Jelly
LUNCH: Spaghetti, Salad w/Ranch & Pears
PM SNACK: Confetti Cake w/Icing
AM SNACK: French Toast w/Syrup
PM SNACK: Popsicle